About us

How We Are Different

Our philosophy at Clayton Veterinary is to integrate traditional Western medicine with traditional Eastern medicine to achieve a more natural and holistic method of treating our patients. Treatments such as chiropractic, acupuncture, food therapy, homeopathy, and herbal therapy can be combined with conventional Western medical techniques to offer a full range of treatments. Our ability to utilize both kinds of therapies offers our clients many more options than using a single method of healing. In many cases, using this approach also allows earlier identification and treatment of impending problems.

Minimizing Toxins and Promoting Lifelong Health

We advocate minimizing toxins in your pet’s food, environment, and body. We do not push vaccines and we strongly recommend home-cooking or using natural, holistic, and organic pet foods. We offer raw dog food for purchase at our clinic including fermented goat’s milk and cow’s milk kefir.

Pets brought to our clinic can have a personality evaluation performed to determine which ingredients are best for them energetically. By feeding for personality you can support your pet’s weaknesses and optimize his or her health. Many chronic illnesses can be cured or prevented by a diet change alone!

The clinics also offer a large variety of natural and holistic supplements which are available when you visit. Our wide range of supplements offers a natural and holistic way to support your pet’s diet and improve overall quality of life.

All Are Welcome

The doctors and staff welcome referrals from other doctors, as well as clients who are seeking alternative care. Our goal is to offer a longer, more active, quality lifestyle for your pets. We will be happy to speak with your referring veterinarian if desired. We will also be happy to answer any questions by telephone or email, via our Contact page.

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We invite you and your best friend to join us at Clayton and Churchtown Veterinary. Call (856) 881-7470 to learn how you can become a client and to schedule your appointment.

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