Digatherm Thermal Imaging

Digital Thermal Imaging measures the radiated electromagnetic energy (heat signature) coming from your pet. This provides the doctor with a new way to “see” what areas on your pet’s body might benefit from further evaluation.

Our veterinary-specific Digatherm system provides our doctors with high resolution images measuring over 320,000 points of temperature, with a medical accuracy of +/- 1˚C.

How We Use It

Digatherm is a non-invasive tool to help with the early detection of problems or areas of possible concern. In a pet being treated for an injury, it can help our doctors monitor their progress by providing a visual tool to measure changes in how they are using their muscles.

  • Unexpected heat patterns can help with early detection of musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Areas of hyperthermia (heat) may indicate areas of inflammation.
  • Areas of hypothermia (cold) may indicate areas of reduced blood flow.
  • Asymmetrical heat distribution may help give the doctor a better idea of how your pet is (or is not) using their muscles.
  • It can suggest soft tissue irritation that will not show up on x-rays, including referred pain or secondary pain
    outside of the main injury site.

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