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From Needles to Natural: Learning Holistic Pet Healing From Needles to Natural covers a variety of topics including pet nutrition and food therapy, pet food labels, veterinary chiropractic care, acupuncture, and understanding the array of vaccines and medications.  Buy Now

What's For Dinner, Dexter? Home cooking for your dog can be fun and easy. By using Chinese Medicine theory, you can keep your pet healthy using fresh, wholesome food ingredients. Learn how in What's For Dinner, Dexter?  Buy Now

Holistic Pet Care  Home Cooking For Dogs


"Could it happen this fast? I got your book and I did had to change the diet gradually to the complete diet, because it was a change of their from kibble. My cav has had ( since I got her five years ago) horrible dry eye. She is on tac ointment 2-3x a day and a vitamin d drop 2 x a day, and liquid tears. I started the diet and added the ground almonds and sardines and almond milk, as instructed. Today I took her to her eye dr and she got the best report ever in five years! Her eyes are producing some tears! They reduced all the meds! Her allergies are getting better, too. I thought it might take a couple months to see improvement. Thank you for your book! " ~Linda