How do I schedule an appointment?
If you would like to schedule an appointment, please give us a call at 856-881-7470. If you call after normal business hours, you will have an opportunity to leave a voice message and receive a call back when we open.
Are you accepting new clients? 
Yes, we are currently accepting new clients! Please visit our New Clients page for more information on how you can become a client.
How do I schedule a new client appointment with Dr. Judy Morgan?

Dr. Judy Morgan is no longer accepting clients for office appointments as she has retired from the practice. If you would like to schedule a phone consult with her through Naturally Healthy Pets, you can learn more here.

Where are you located?

Our office is located in Clayton, NJ. Click here for address information and directions.

What are your hours? 

Monday: 9AM – 6PM
Tuesday: 9AM – 6PM
Wednesday: 9AM – 6PM
Thursday: 9AM – 6PM
Friday: 9AM – 4PM

How much is _____? 
To ensure you receive the most accurate and up to date information, please call our office at 856-881-7470 with any inquiries about the cost of an item or service. 

Please note that we are not able to give estimates for surgical or complex medical procedures over the phone, nor are we able to provide an exact estimate for the cost of treating a specific illness. This information will vary depending on the individual pet and can only be provided after a physical exam.

What payment methods do you accept? 
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, CareCredit, debit cards, cash, and checks with a valid driver’s license or NJ state ID. 
Do you offer payment plans?
We do require full payment at the time that services are rendered.  

However, we highly recommend CareCredit to our clients who are looking for a payment plan.

CareCredit is a credit card exclusively for veterinary or healthcare services. Many CareCredit transactions are eligible for a No Interest or Low Interest Payment Plan. If you would like more information on which transactions qualify for no interest or low interest, please call our office at 856-881-7470. This service is a provided by a third party, and we do not receive any bonuses or “kickbacks” for referring clients to apply.

For more information on CareCredit or to sign up for a card, please visit their website here.

Care Credit gives an instant approval or denial, and you can use the card immediately if you are approved! Please be sure to print your approval and/or write down your card number if you think you will need to use your card before receiving your physical card in the mail. 

What kind of pets do you see?
We primarily treat dogs and cats. We do not see reptiles or birds but can refer you to a vet who does.

If you have a different type of pet and would like to see if we can help, please give us a call at 856-881-7470!

What foods do you recommend? 
You can find a list of our current food recommendations here. Please note that these recommendations may change in the future should changes be made to the formulations or quality of the ingredients.  
What Flea & Tick preventatives do you recommend? 
If you are looking for a more traditional recommendation, we recommend Advantage II for Flea Prevention, and Frontline Gold for Flea and Tick prevention. These will act to kill the parasites and their eggs/larve.

Many of our clients have had success with natural alternatives. We carry Vetri-Repel spray, K&K Flea/Tick Spray, and K&K Flea/Tick Shampoo. These will act to repel insects from your pet and make them a less attractive host for these parasites. 

If you are not sure which prevention is right for your pet, please call us at 856-881-7470. 

Why do you not prescribe monthly oral flea and tick prevention? 
To quote Dr. Judy Morgan, “I have made it well-known that I do not recommend or prescribe oral preventative medications that last one to three months, as I feel they are extremely dangerous and have killed too many of our beloved dogs and cats.” This class of chemicals, known as isoxazolines, have been shown to cause neurological adverse events (for example, seizures or tremors) in some pets. It is not possible to tell whether your pet will have an adverse reaction until it happens; Therefore, our doctors have decided it isn’t worth the risk when there are plenty of other effective alternatives available.
What Heartworm preventatives do you recommend? 
We recommend and carry Inteceptor or Sentinel brand heartworm preventative. 
Does my pet need a yearly heartworm test if they stay on the preventative all year round? 
Yes – even if you give the preventatives year-round, your pet will still need a yearly heartworm test. 

It is a common misconception that heartworm preventatives will prevent mosquitos from transmitting heartworm larvae to pets. In reality, heartworm preventatives work not by preventing heartworm infection but by preventing heartworm disease, killing any larvae that may infect your pet before they can grow and reproduce.

The test that can detect immature larvae before they grow into adult heartworms would have to be done monthly. In addition, preventatives will not kill larvae past a certain point in their development cycle, and they will not kill adult heartworms.

If an animal is on heartworm preventatives with an undetected heartworm infection, it may also cause the worms to develop a resistance to the prevention. This puts all animals in the surrounding area at risk of also contracting the disease. In some southern regions of the United States this has already become a problem.

My pet isn’t good with other animals. Can you accommodate us?
If your pet isn’t good with other animals, please let us know when you schedule your appointment. We understand that a vet visit can be stressful enough, and we will work to accommodate you so that you do not have to wait in the waiting room where strange animals and people may be coming in and out. We may ask that you inform the receptionist when you have arrived before bringing your pet into the building. We can make sure we have a room ready for you and can bring you in a side entrance if there are other pets in the waiting room.
I need help getting my pet in and out of my car. Will your staff help me?
Whether you are a senior citizen, disabled, a parent with small children who needs an extra hand, or just have trouble lifting/moving your pet, we will be happy to help you get them safely from the car to the exam room.

We do ask that all cats and very small dogs be transported in a carrier for both the safety of the pet and our staff. We may ask that your dog be muzzled for their own protection if our staff will need to lift or carry them. Even very friendly and loving dogs can lash out in pain or fear, and our technicians have been trained to recognize the signs of a stressed animal and take steps to ensure everyone (including your pet) remains safe during high stress situations.

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