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New Clients

Welcome to Clayton and Churchtown Veterinary!

We understand that going to a new veterinarian can be a stressful experience for pets and owners alike. At Clayton & Churchtown Veterinary we strive to make both as comfortable as possible by providing exceptionally personal experiences.  As an integrated practice, we use a holistic approach to formulate a medical plan that is customized to the needs of your pet as a unique individual.  Our ultimate goal is to work together with you to achieve the highest quality of life for your pet.

To read more about what makes us different, visit our “Why Holistic?” page.

Holistic Consultations

Are you looking for a more holistic or natural approach to your pet’s care?  Does your pet have medical concerns that you would like to treat with integrative therapies such as acupuncture or food therapy?  Learn more here.

Looking for traditional routine care?

We also provide traditional routine care such as annual check-ups, vaccines (those deemed necessary for your pet), dental cleaning, surgeries, and treatment of medical concerns that do not require alternative therapies, or in cases where the owner has chosen to treat them with traditional medicine.

After calling the office to schedule your appointment, please complete the appropriate form so that we may make a chart for you and your pet in advance.


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Don’t know if you want to be a Clayton or Churchtown Client?

Both offices share staff and medical philosophy, so the choice is based solely on location.

Clayton is located in Gloucester County while Churchtown caters to the residents of Salem County, Delaware and Philadelphia in Pennsville, NJ.

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Learn how you can become a client

We invite you and your best friend to join us at Clayton and Churchtown Veterinary. Call (856) 881-7470 to learn how you can become a client and to schedule your appointment.

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