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Phone Consultations

Dr. Judy Morgan offers phone consultations for clients who wish to treat their pets holistically but are not local to New Jersey or cannot find a holistic veterinarian near them.

Ask Dr. Morgan about topics such as….

  • Latest trends in veterinary medicine
  • Formulating a customized diet for your pet’s needs
  • Finding the root of a persisting medical problem
  • Learning about alternative and holistic practice

What is involved in a phone consultation?

The consult includes a records review prior to the appointment (we can get them, or you can provide, or a combo of both), the consult itself (1 hour long), any diet she helps formulate during this consult, and ability to ask some follow-up questions about it and her suggestions. To ask follow-up questions, please give us a call at 856-881-7470 or send us an email.

Who can schedule a phone consultation?

Phone consultations are available for anyone who is located 1.5 hours or more from either office. They are also available for clients who have a disability which would make it very difficult for them to come into the office.

Does Dr. Judy Morgan offer phone consultations for international clients?

Yes, Dr. Judy Morgan does offer phone consult for international clients! As with all phone consults, this is subject to her review of the consult form, so she can assess whether or not a phone consult would be appropriate for your pet’s case. In the event that she does not recommend a phone consult, we will offer advice on what steps she recommends next, and if possible, provide direction on where you might be able to obtain care.

How does a phone consult compare with an in-office consult?

The primary advantage to being seen in the office is that it allows Dr. Morgan to do a full physical exam on your pet. There is no extra charge for this exam beyond the consultation fee.

There are also limitations on what we can do for your pet without seeing them physically. Dr. Morgan is not able to prescribe anything legally considered a “prescription medication” without having done a physical exam. However, she may be able to offer advice to your local veterinarian if they are open to hearing her advice. It is then at their discretion if they agree with her and wish to prescribe the medication.

Ready to schedule? Head over to our New Clients page and follow the directions for scheduling a Holistic Consult.

If you are ready to fill out the form now, you can go directly to the form. It will give you the option to select “phone” as your preferred method of scheduling.

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