Wellness & Routine  Care - Here at Clayton Veterinary, we provide both traditional and integrative medicine for the care of your pets. We offer services for pets of all ages including but not limited to annual examinations, vaccines, and surgical procedures.

Food Therapy - Holistic medicine stresses the importance of looking at an animal’s whole life, a big part of which is food. We can help you determine what foods are best for your pet or help you to prepare a home cooked diet. We base all our home cooked diets on energetics, a dietary plan based upon the natural function of the plants and animals your pet eats.

Acupuncture –Acupuncture can be used for therapeutic or pain relief purposes. We can evaluate your pet to see if they could benefit from acupuncture. We also accept referrals from other doctors, if Acupuncture has already been recommended for your pet.

Chiropractic Care –Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM) is a healing technology that locates areas of the animal’s nervous system that have fallen out of communication and re-establishes nerve communication, which induces healing. A tool called a spinal accelerometer, also known as an activator, is used to apply controlled, precise pressure on specific areas of your pet’s spine.

Laser Therapy - Laser therapy uses light to favor and accelerate the body’s natural healing processes. The laser beam is moved over the skin so that the light energy (photons) penetrates the tissue where it interacts with various molecules (chromophores) that cause different biological effects.

Digatherm Thermal Imaging – Digatherm is a non-invasive tool to help with the early detection of problems or areas of possible concern. Digital Thermal Imaging measures the radiated electromagnetic energy (heat signature) coming from your pet. This provides the doctor with a new way to “see” what areas on your pet’s body might benefit from further evaluation.

Dental Care – Everyone knows how it feels to go a few days without brushing your teeth. It feels gritty, disgusting and generally uncomfortable. Now imagine going months or even years without it! Our dogs and cats are sensitive to how they feel, and it effects their mood, happiness and health just as much as it would ours. Proper dental care is imperative to the well-being of an animal.

Senior  & Geriatric Pet Care - At Clayton Veterinary, we firmly believe the old saying – “Old age is not a disease!” This is as true for our pets as it is for us humans! But we also realize that like older people, older animals may have some additional medical needs or challenges they are facing. We can work with your to make sure your pet’s golden years are some of their best.

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