Dear CVA,

“I’ve taken my dogs past and present to many vets in Philadelphia, Delware county, and in NJ and I count my blessings for Dr. Judy Morgan, her fellow veterinarians, and her entire staff! What a GREAT group! Sadie and Ollie (also known as NoNo Bad Dog) love all of you and are so grateful!”

–Mary Marcakis Conway

Dear Dr. Morgan and Staff,

“I want to thank all of you for the kindness you had shown me when I had to send my sweet Patches to the bridge. The time you let me spend with him before setting him free was a precious gift to me. I wish there was a special pill that would have made him all better, but it was not to be. He now runs free of pain and is a happy puppy-like dog. I also want to thank all of you for the special card you all signed and sent to me expressing your condolences. It brought tears to my eyes, just reading your kind words. All of you are like family to me. I picked up his ashes today and I will put your card in the box with him.”

Thank you again for thoughtfulness,

–Vi Osbourne

Dear Churchtown Vets,

“This is my testimonial to you and your staff. Many thanks and praise to the two assistants and receptionist who were so very kind to me on April 18th, 2012, at approximately 2:00 p.m. That was when I brought my very special doggie, LilyAllen, to your office to be laid to rest. And I mean that literally. She was in excruciating pain. Your receptionist was very warm and receptive. She encouraged me to pay for everything in advance because she could see that I was so upset and knew that it would be better than doing that immediately after letting Lily go.

Thank you so much for that!”

With all of my gratitude,
–Ms. Cummings

Dear Churchtown & Clayton Veterinary Clinic,

“Just a note to say thanks again for all of your services! My Boston Terrier of 12 years passed away just this past September. When I first met Dr. Morgan and her staff, Baxter was suffering from seizures. My family decided to go the holistic way and took Dr. Morgan’s advice on changing his diet. We also changed his traditional flea “medication” to a natural spray. He never had another seizure. Later on, we found out that Baxter’s heart was failing and he had some form of cancer that had created a sore on his leg. We kept with traditional medication for his heart and tried a non-traditional cream on his sore. Unfortunately, Baxter gave us all he could as a devoted friend and protector. He died at home, but I believe because of the knowledge that the clinic was able to share with us, Baxter was able to live two more years longer than if we had stayed with our other veterinarian clinic that told us there was nothing more they could do for my dog.”


Dear Dr. Judy and Staff,

“It is with a heavy heart we have to tell you our Calli girl went to the Rainbow Bridge on 10-27-2011. She was going to aqua therapy and doing better and all of a sudden she lost the strength to even stand on her front legs. The sadness in her eyes was too much to handle and we let her go with dignity and grace. She was not playing or doing anything that made her the great dog that she was. It was time to say goodbye. I want to thank you for all you did for her and getting her off all of the terrible drugs she was on. At least her last few weeks were of sound mind if not body and she licked my face & tears and wagged her tail and was calm and ready for her journey to the bridge. My soul angel is now running free and waiting for me to join her. Thank you again and I will most definitely recommend you to everyone I know who will need your compassionate care. All my best wishes to you all. When the time comes that we have another dog I will be sure to bring he/she to your practice.”

–Carol Williams

Dear Dr. Morgan and Staff,

“Please accept our sincerest and gracious thanks for the care and compassion you afforded Toonie since Nov. 1998. Your caring and love were part of a wonderful life for our precious family member. After the FedEX affair, the clicker down her spine, and Don’s magical hands and finally the accupuncture, we realized there is more to maintaining quality of life than just medication. You and your staff are wonderful! Congratulations on being the best Vet in Salem Co. In our heart, mind and soul you are totally “THE BEST”! Thank you and Bless all of you! Needless to say anyone who asks for a vet will get Clayton/Churchtown and Dr. Judy Morgan’s staff. Please thank them.

With deepest regard and respect,
–T.Lichty, Ph.D.

Dr. Morgan and Staff,

“I wanted to thank everyone at Churchtown Veterinary Associates for being so good to me and going above and beyond to make sure Big Momma got the best care. I really appreciated everyone’s supportiveness. I’m still having a hard time not having her around. My Mom suggested that I visit the Humane Society since my first there I’ve been back four times! I found a cat named Lucky that I really clicked with and her loving personality reminds me of my big girl. We’re hopefully going to start the adoption process soon! I look forward to bringing her in to you guys for the best care!”

Dear Dr. Morgan and Staff,

“There are no words to truly express how thankful Chuck and I are for the amazing care and compassion you and your staff gave our Gunner, especially during the last year of his life. If it weren’t for you and Kathy, I don’t think we would’ve ever considered a wheel cart for Gunner. I’m so grateful you showed us otherwise, for it’s a decision we never regretted, especially after seeing Gunner take to the cart like it was an extension of himself….”

“Dr. Morgan we are truly blessed to have found you and your staff. I have never met a more caring vet than you, and your staff are beyond reproach when it comes down to everything from professionalism to compassion; which is the most important thing in vet care. I always felt welcome, no matter the call, and never felt like a burden to anyone in the office even when I was sure I would be…”

“Thank you so much for showing me around your workplace. I had a great time observing you all and getting to know the staff. My day there has confirmed that I definitely want to become a veterinarian! Thank you for a great day!”

Dear Dr. Morgan,

“Just wanted to take this time to let you know how thankful and appreciative I am for the care, interest and time you extended Mopsy and I on our visit. Mopsy is doing very well and enjoys your home-made diet. Now she runs to her dish at mealtime instead of in the other direction! It took five years, but I truly feel I’ve found the right doctor for us…”

“I brought Addie to the facility on September 7, 2007 with little hope that we could find any care for her impaired spinal condition. She’s still here! She is a happy girl today at nine and a half years who runs, plays and enjoys interacting with her dog friends and people. Me? I still have this beloved dog at my side. Heartfelt thanks to all at Clayton Vet.” Note: Addie was treated with acupuncture and chiropractic and has done exceptionally well.
“This is a letter of my sincere gratitude for the wonderful Clayton Veterinary Staff who worked the Paws and Feet Walk at Cooper River Park on May 15th. My Bernese Mountain Dog, Scout, went into severe respiratory distress. He spiked a 108 degree temperature and had fluid accumulating around his heart. When my mother approached the staff, they knew immediately that Scout was in bad shape. They quickly packed him in ice, kept his paws soaking in alcohol to cool his body temperature and continued to monitor his vital signs. The entire staff was comforting and stayed extremely calm no matter how much I freaked out. I believe their fast actions, knowledge of dogs and willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty, is what saved Scout’s life. I can’t say enough about the staff; to me they are all angels. Scout is alive and happy. It was a miracle…For days following the event Pam called us at home to check on Scout and offered to assist us in any way. Your staff has truly special and dedicated people.”

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