Written Recipes

Home Cooking For Your Pet

Check out our stew recipes, perfect for your slow cooker or crock pot. These recipes create a large amount, up to 20-30 meals for a 15-20 pound dog. The best part? The ingredients of each stew will cost you less than ten to twenty dollars each! That breaks down to less than a dollar a meal!

Dr. Morgan always uses supplements when feeding her Spaniels home cooked meals. Probiotics, Vitamin and Omega 3 supplements specifically made for dogs are a great addition, while a formula like RX Minerals is essential if you plan on feeding your dog exclusively home prepared meals. You can order your supplements online, or come into one of the clinics. While Dr. Morgan is a proponent of a raw food diet for her dogs, the warmness and comfort of a hot stew is invaluable to their health during the winter. Click below for Printable PDF copies of each recipe.